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Laura Wilde "Sold My Soul"

I believe it’s been about a year since I discovered Laura Wilde. Late August/early September of 2012 she followed me on Twitter, as I’m sure she did to a lot of people to broaden her reach. I told her that day that I was sure glad she followed me otherwise I’d never have discovered her music. I then realized that this lovely 23 year old young woman from Australia (who moved to L.A.) had spent the better part of 2012 touring with none other than Ted Nugent and had already slowly started making a name for herself.

After hearing her music, I was immediately impressed with her influences, which she wears on her sleeve on every track. It wasn’t long before I purchased her album Sold My Soul on her website, which she kept on pushing me to get, so I guess you can say I gave in. I haven’t regretted the purchase since. The album features Laura on vocals and guitar.

The album starts off with All Alone, a fast paced almost punk style track. The energy and simplicity remind me of The Runaways. This fast punk style isn’t really heard again on the album except for the track Nothing Back.

The song most promoted from the album is the title track Sold My Soul. This track is a slower paced dirty hard rocker that’s basically about her move to the USA and her experience touring. The song never captured me the way it seems to have caught most of her other fans, but I can see what is likable about the track. It is sleazy and badass in its own right. Anything Goes and Love Buyer, both heard later in the album, have the same feeling, I think due in most part to the clapping heard in the background. All three songs are heavily guitar driven and very easy to sing along to.

The first time on the album that Laura really impresses me with her song writing is on the song Freeek! The song starts off slower than the albums previous two tracks, kind of calm and creepy with a hypnotizing bass riff heard throughout, only to pick up in its intensity.

Laura continues to change up song styles with Irate. This song has a good punk feel to it, but one thing I can’t help but notice is the sound of a psychedelic styled organ, giving the song a neo-60’s feel. The songs consistent mid-fast pace makes the tune a great driving song, if I may say so.

The album has a couple of slower tracks, both of which sound somewhat different from each other, the first of these tracks being For You. This song isn’t a ballad, it is still rather heavy and angry to be one, but it is definitely the softest moment of the album so far to this point. The song is another great guitar track from the album, harmonizing guitars and adding in acoustic guitar at very appropriate moments. Classical Guitar Star, is another slow and soft moment on the album. Laura does a good job at writing a nice simple track from the standpoint of the fan of a musician.

The album ends with my personal favourite, Angel. This track brings back the punk style, thanks to the abundance of bass guitar heard, but it’s not as fast as songs like All Alone and Nothing Back. I enjoy how the album ends with similar intensity as it started, bringing the album full circle and leaving its listeners wanting more.

If there’s one complaint at all, it is that the songs are so darn short. The longest song on the album is four minutes, and six of the songs are under three minutes, one of those being under two minutes! It doesn’t make the album worse or better, if anything it makes me want more. I’m not sure if that was Laura’s intention, but if it was, well done.

This is an album for hard rock fans. It’s not a heavy metal album, but it’s not a pop album. It’s not alternative in any way whatsoever; it is just straight up hard rock, with a guitar player, a bass player, a drummer and a singer. In previous articles I’ve mentioned that more music today needs simplicity in this fashion. According to her website, Laura will be writing and recording a new album by the year’s end. Some “exciting guests” are slated to make appearances, and she’s expected to be writing a few tracks with Geezer Butler, which goes to show the reach she has gained in the rock world. I see nothing but a positive future for Laura Wilde.


Back Seat” –­ The song is the highlight because I find it to be the most accessible song to listen to that demonstrates Laura’s style. It has a sleazy badass guitar riff heard slightly hidden in the background. It isn’t fast, but it isn’t slow, and her vocals on this song are probably the best out of any song on the album. It’s hard to say which song on the album is the best guitar song. I wouldn’t say this is the best guitar track on the album, but it is among the songs I would let someone listen to in order to convince them that Laura can play as well as anyone.



8 (Out of 10)


Track List:

All Alone  
Back Seat
Back Seat  
For You  
Anything Goes  
Classical Guitar Star  
Nothing Back
Love Buyer  


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