Reviews Done on Affiliate Sites

Here are the reviews/articles that I've done for affiliate sites (and the day I published them in brackets).

For Metal Nation Radio:

- Axel Rudi Pell "Into The Storm" (12/31/13)

- Nigromante "Black Magic Night" (1/9/14)

- Skull Fist "Chasing the Dream" (1/15/14)

- Dance Laury Dance "Hellalujah" (2/4/14)

- Hirax "Immortal Legacy" (2/20/14)

For Flameproof Music:

- Gary Reynolds "Volume One" (2/17/13)

- Transient Songs "Foreign Rooms" (3/3/13)

- The Pyramid Ship "Going Out" EP (6/18/13)

For Studio 92:

- Diablo Swing Orchestra (6/25/2013)


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