I write articles, not simply reviews. This is a site for avid Rock fans of varied types. Hard Rock, Metal, Progressive Rock, Alternative, I may even throw in some Classic Rock every now and then.

I try to keep away from my personal opinion with my reviews and concentrate more on the broad spectrum of any listener. For example, every review features an album highlight. These highlights are not always my personal favourite track off of the album, but rather the song I believe would sum up the album best for first time listeners.

I also do reviews/articles for other sites. Head over to the Reviews Done on Affiliate Sites page to find links to them!

If you're interested in having an EP/LP reviewed, please head to the Contact section.


  1. Hello Phil! Forgive me for contacting you this way but I saw no other method to use. We're a Toronto based recording studio and wanted to know if you'd be interested in doing the occasional blog entry for us. Please contact me if you're interested: igbusinessservices@gmail.com

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