Wednesday, 30 January 2013

In My Coma "Magnets & Miracles"

The world needs something new. It always does and it always will. There are a lot of rock bands throughout history who follow the simple guitar-bass-drums-vocals approach. This approach is by no means a tired approach (look at the greatest bands in history for example), however such is not the formula for Toronto rock outfit In My Coma and their debut album Magnets & Miracles, released in August of 2011.

It doesn’t even take five seconds in to opening track Friendly Fire to know that something is special about this album. The song goes right in to a keyboard riff that will either make its listener think that they are back in the 80’s, or that they are traveling through space. Whichever it may be, they’ll be sold by the time they hear vocalist Jasper James start singing with his eerie yet comforting voice. Kind of sounding like Gavin Rossdale minus the Eddie Vedder tone. After that, its listener will be hooked and along for the ride.

Along for the ride with Jasper (who also plays guitar and keyboard/synthesizer) are drummer Mike Paterson, whose out-of-the-ordinary drum patterns practically make the album progressive, and bassist LauraDoll, beautiful but dangerous like Donita Sparks (certain stage antics aside) and Courtney Love. But if you were to ever meet her you’d never be able to tell. And that's all, there are only three members. Listen to the album and you’ll be in disbelief over that figure.
Much like Rush and Muse (to name a few) before them, these three musicians know how to fill your speakers with sound, more so than many five piece bands out there. That criterion is followed thoroughly throughout this album. After Friendly Fire follows a stream of spaced out, slow and spooky, yet all too catchy songs. Lined Up Locked Away competes with any alt rock tune being belted out by the biggest rock acts of today, and I dare you to not sing along with Losing Sleep’s chorus...after you learn the lyrics of course. Then comes Hit Them Down Kid, one of the hardest songs on the album, and definitely the best drum work Mike displays.

Immediately after, you’re taken back in to space, almost literally with the instrumental track One More Black Hole which leads in to one of the albums best, and softest songs, Lost. Then the musical journey temporarily takes a break for the band to display their ability to belt out some slick, hard rock tunes, but with a little IMC edge to them. Believe Me is one of few songs that simply sounds like there actually are three members playing their instruments and that’s all. This makes for a nice change by giving your brain a little bit of a rest from the rush while still maintaining some good adrenaline. Following Believe Me are some of the heaviest, if not then THE heaviest tracks on the album Homesick and Crazy World.
Then you’re back on the journey again. Following the format of the albums first few tracks, Trip Denes and Voices give the album a feeling like the engines of your spaceship are starting again, only this time you’re home bound. Then come the two most beautiful songs on the album. Dreamers successfully makes the listener think the album was in fact all just one completely awesome dream. My Friend is a very personal and heartfelt memoir by Jasper saying goodbye to a friend. At the same time, it makes for an effecting goodbye to its listeners.
What makes the album so good is how it differs from every modern album being released. It can be found on iTunes, or on their website. Better yet, if you live in Ontario, try to catch them live. They’ll be selling the CD there and would be more than happy to sign it and have a few words.
Homesick” – This track best sums up the album. Being one of the heaviest tracks on the album it gives you a sense of how hard they can rock. At the same time, it has enough of the bands edge that lets listeners know there is something definitely different about this band. And I can’t forget to mention the killer chorus that will have you chanting “HEY!”
8 (Out of 10)

Track List:

"Friendly Fire"  
"Lined Up Locked Away"  
"Losing Sleep"  
"Hit Them Down Kid"  
"One More Black Hole"  
"Believe Me"  
"Magnets & Miracles"  
"Crazy World"  
"Trip Denes"  
"My Friend"  
"Dying Star "  




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