Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hollywood Sins "Hollywood Sins"

Hollywood Sins market themselves as “nostalgic with a modern edge,” as do a lot of bands as of late. After listening to their self titled seven-song EP I can see what they mean, but I wouldn’t call it classic rock nostalgia, well maybe some glam metal. They do have an interesting mixture of hard sleaze rock meets Papa Roach-esque alternative rock (later Papa Roach, not the rap-rock Papa Roach) which I find to be a unique combination.

Opening track 24/7 introduces the bands sleazy sound and shades of some hair/glam metal. There isn’t much of a modern edge to this one, or it’s following track Dirty Girl, but the songs do a good job of not boring the listener. There are some good guitar riffs, noticeable drums and a Slash influenced guitar solos. The songs have appropriately placed guitar fills to remind you that they are there to do more than just play power chords for the singer to sing on top of. I enjoy Dirty Girl’s intensity as well, it shows a good amount of fierceness from the band not heard in 24/7.

The first signs of modern edge that I hear on the EP are on the track Enough of You. Completely different from the two opening tracks, Enough of You has a very upbeat rhythm, kind of like something from 90’s alternative pop rock bands like Third Eye Blind just a little heavier. THIS is where I believe the “modern edge” is in the band’s sound. Gotta Keep Runnin’ also has an upbeat rhythm to it, but it has a bit more of the glam sound heard in the earlier songs than Enough of You Had. Then there is Pretty Little Psycho, arguably the most pop-rock song on the album, hell this one even sounds like a pop punk song, further showing the bands capabilities as song writers which is something I always like to hear.

The band returns to a more hard rock sound with Snake Eyes. This song brings back the intensity of Dirty Girl but replaces the sleaziness with arena rock hooks and guitar riffs that are sure to stick in the minds of listeners. The closing track, Sick N’ Twisted is unlike anything on the album. This song takes the intense hard rock that Hollywood Sins show they are capable of and adds some of the most intense vocals on the album; screaming vocals, not quite to par with a hardcore band, but guttural nonetheless. I’m just not a fan of the way the song starts (with a rendition of the Hail Mary prayer spoken in a scared voice.) It’s just a little too corny for my liking.

I’m impressed with the song writing of Hollywood Sins' Blaine Walker and Danny Quatrale (lead guitarist and vocalist respectfully.) All seven songs on this EP are fairly different from one another with a variation of styles; hard rock, glam rock, alternative, pop rock and pop punk, and whatever the heck else you can determine. The lyrics aren’t exactly poetic, they’re pretty cliché, like so many hair/glam metal songs which is probably the main thing this EP from being better than it is.


Snake Eyes” –­ Hollywood Sins’ intensity mixed with terrific melodies on this track specifically make it the definite highlight of the album. I’m not sure it sums up the EPs seven songs because it doesn’t really feature any of the upbeat alternative rhythms heard on the album, and it’s probably the least sleazy song on the album, but it is definitely the first song that listeners will be singing to themselves after having listened to the EP.



7.5 (Out of 10)


Track List:

Dirty Girl
Enough of You
Gotta Keep Runnin’
Pretty Little Psycho
Snake Eyes
Sick N’ Twisted

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